List your favourite software!

I just saw a blog post somewhere and the author was asking the blog visitors to write in the programs used in the following categories… it thought it was a cool idea… and i’m gonna just blatantly copy it… so here’s my list!

  •  Operating System – Vista Ultimate
  •  Graphics Program – Paint Shop Pro x2
  •  FTP – FileZilla
  •  Browser – Firefox, Safari and Opera
  •  Mail Client – Gmail + Outlook 2003
  •  RSS Reader – Google Reader
  •  Anti-Virus – None :D
  •  Firewall – None :D
  •  Instant Messenger – Windows Live + Freecall
  •  Media Player – WMP, Winamp, VLC
  •  Others – Microsoft Expression Web

Your turn now…! Post your favourites as comment below.

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