Microsoft unleashes Windows Mobile 7

Today, Microsoft unleashed its Windows Mobile 7 to the world, Microsoft has managed to built a surprisingly solid new OS but in terms of hardware, there’s really nothing revolutionary, buy certainly competitive.

On the platform side, Windows Phone 7 has yet to really prove itself to a large audience due to a the bad reputation that the previous Windows operating system managed to get. Some of the software we shown during the launch event was very promising, but it was also noticed that some had considerable load times. Lack of integration with social media features and copy paste features were also noticed. The company announced a near-future update which will address these issues.

All in all, however, Microsoft is most assuredly back in the smartphone game. Windows Phone 7 is a smart, easy to use, and legitimately original OS, and the folks in Redmond seem to have the partnerships and marketing in place to make an impact in a crowded field. It will be interesting to see the company reemerge in this race, and you can be sure we’ll be there every step of the way.

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