12 Reasons Why Going To College Is A Lot Like Going To Prison

1. Your family only visits you twice a year.

2. You live for months in a 10×10 room with someone you barely know who you fear might kill you while you sleep.

3. You always talk about what life will be like once you’re out.

4. You get excited when the cafeteria serves you something resembling real food.

5. You take classes that are completely useless to you in the real world.

6. Everyone around you is an amateur philosopher or poet (or coke dealer).

7. You’re looked at as a scourge on the community.

8. Beer is more valuable than money.

9. Riots are a usual occurence.

10. You try to make friends that can help you ‘on the outside’.

11. You only go outside for an hour a day.

And of course…

12. If you go in unprepared you’re probably going to get f*cked in the ass.

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