350ppi OLED screens from Samsung makes the Retina display cry

Android fans have a long list of bragging rights when comparing devices with Apple’s. There is one factor we haven’t quite been able to beat, though – Retina Display. But we all know the day when we can also silence Apple fanboys in this department is coming eventually, and it may be sooner than you think. Samsung may be able to bring this technology’s pixel density, along with the advantages of OLED panels, to upcoming Android devices.

With the development of FMM (Fine Metal Mask), Samsung is said to be able to achieve an OLED pixel density of up to 350 ppi (pixels per inch). Currently, such high-density pixelation can only be achieved by with LCD mobile displays. And even though we have devices like the Galaxy Nexus, which does have a 720p AMOLED display, the crispness and clarity can never match that of the HTC One X or Apple’s Retina Display (due to its need of a pentile display).

Mixing the colors of Super AMOLED displays with the non-pentile pixel-density of LCD would be a dream. The difference would mostly be noticed in small text, which is actually pretty crisp in AMOLED HD displays. But does it match HD LCD? Definitely not.

Long story-short: this technology is said to be easily applicable to current OLED technology. This makes it inexpensive and simple to start manufacturing such OLED displays, and we might be seeing them in upcoming Samsung devices rather soon. Anyone want a Galaxy S4 with one of these? Maybe the next Nexus smartphone?

Via : Phandroid

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