3CX Mobile Device Manager

I have recently came across the 3CX Mobile Device Manager application developed by 3CX, a company based in Malta. This niftly little appp allows  users to manage, track and secure your devices via a simple, easy to use web application.

The 3CX Mobile Device Manager app connects your mobile device to 3CX Mobile Device Manager web app and allows you to easily manage, secure, monitor, find and track your mobile phones, tablets or notebook computers. The main features include:

  • Device Tracking – Simple, precise tracking of connected mobile devices using Google Maps
  • Deploy Applications – Manage apps to groups of Android phones
  • Security – Remotely lock or wipe corporate data from abused, lost or stolen devices
  • Administration Portal – Receive alerts, send messages to your mobile devices and audit your users

This app is primarily aimed for business users where a main administrator would have control of the company’s mobile phones. The administrator and presumably management would be able to track the location of company phones, checking on applications installed on the phone and uninstall any irrelevant applications.

This application works both on Android and iPhones and so far registration is free, so you can take advantage of all those great features. Do keep in mind that this service is still in beta and whilst the service is already working really well, hiccups and small issues might appear

Sign Up for a Free 3CX Mobile Device Manager account at http://www.mobiledevicemanager.com

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