5 Copies of Oops!Backup to give away!

As promised a few days ago, we are giving out 5 free copies of Oops!Backup. A big thank you goes to Altaro who gave us those copies to give out to some of our lucky readers.

All you have to do to be elegible to win is to leave a comment below and let us know what are the most important files on your computer that you’d never ever want to lose! We will then select 5 of those replies, and these will get a free copy of Oops!Backup to install on their computer. – We will contact all winners by email, so please make sure to write your email address correctly when submitting your comment.

We also encourage you to become a fan of IT News and Oops!Backup on facebook!

Good Luck!

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  • Oops!Backup is definitely one of the best backup tools out there. The most important files are all those files which you use on a frequently basis – with Oops!Backup you have a simple backup and version control system out of the box. I also found Oops!Backup useful for backing up database files.

  • The most important files on my computer are surely found inside my “Works” folder, which contains back-up of all my websites together with an extensive library of components I have used or programmed till now.

  • i am really in need of a backup software can you please, please count me in this giveaway, i really hope to win

    thankyou so much for this giveaway

  • sorry i forgot mention the main things that i would love that i can not afford to loose

    1. my mom’s photos, and my family photos

    2. bank statements

    3. my musics

    4. my projects/presentation

    5. short stories that i write when i have time

  • hi i would like to backup the entire system so that if i accidentally delete some file i will be able to retrieve it. or if some driver update spoils my system i may revert back to normal

  • hi i am a pro photographer so i would like to backup all my photos , buy the way very nice giveaway please count me in,thankyou

  • oops has been a great tool , where ever i turn i have heard about this software’s capability so it looks like a very good giveawau so please count me in

    of course i would like to back up my contacts , documents music and afull drive back up would be usefull too

  • I would like to backup my entire system (full drive backup), also looking forward to use Oops backup system as everyone stating what a good tool this is.

    Count me in :)

  • Some 4 years ago I used a software which I really found useful, for backing up all the important files. But when tried to buy again found out the company scrapped the product. The product seam to be a real good Tool. Hope

    I never play in a lottery. But this is an Exception loll

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