9 Reasons why you don’t need an iPhone

First off let me just say that I do like the iPhone. The smooth and sleek interface is simply amazing (although not as amazing as the HTC Sense UI) The iPhone is extremely easy to use, the touch screen is the best I’ve ever used and there are tons of very useful applications for day to day tasks, and for entertainment purposes. Email, and web browsing are also quite great. All said however; entertainment and applications are not the top features I look for on a mobile phone. This is why I only use my iPhone as a secondary Internet connectivity phone. Let me explain why.

  • Slow – the iPhone has become slower and slower with every OS upgrade. Every time I noticed that the applications would work slower than my grandma on a good day! Scrolling sometimes isn’t so smooth and a application hang-ups are becoming very common. A slow device is something i really don’t need.
  • Carrier Locked – I travel very often, and I have the need to be connected to the web all the time. With the iPhone you have a great wi-fi connection, however most of the times, this is just not enough. I love to be able to just buy a pay-per-use topup card whenever I travel and be able to use a 3G connectivity everywhere I go. With the iPhone, you are locked to one provider, and any other sim card wont work! (unless you unlock).
  • On screen keyboard – Whilst I can’t say the on screen keyboard sucks, it’s just not good enough as a physical keyboard. You have to constantly look at the keyboard to make sure you are touching the right button. A physical keyboard is so much better!
  • Battery life – The iPhone’s battery life is just awful. On a normal day use, it can barely stand for a whole day. I need to carry around my charging cables or external battery all the time. And this got even worse with the latest 3.0 firmware. The non-removable battery doesn’t help in this case either.
  • No Multitasking and background applications – This is just one of the features I miss the most. On the iPhone, you cant just have a background instant messaging application running, if you want to check your email during a chat session, you have to close the window to switch to something else – this is just so wrong
  • Flash support – I’m very surprised that such a capable device has no support for sites that use Flash. It shouldnt be a big deal. There are tons of sites that use flash, and with the iPhone, you just wont see anything.
  • Ancient Camera – Come on! only 2mp on the 3G version and 3.5MP on the 3Gs! That is just so encient, and by the way… no flash!
  • Apple is too bossy – Apple have the right to decide what apps can go on my phone and which of them cant. I just don’t like that. I wish to have all the applications I want without any restrictions. (Thanks ~Cydia!) Apple can just decide freely to reject any application to their app store and also kill any application.
  • Not enough reasons to upgrade to the 3GS – A speed boost, video camera capabilities, magnetic compass, and voice controls are not good enough to make me fork out my cold hard earned cash for a new iPhone – sorry.

Is there anything i messed out? – let me know! I’ll be glad to add more to the list, please list the features that you don’t like in the comment area below.

I will be upgrading to the Nokia N97 very soon (I’m eagerly waiting for it through the post!!), and I will try to do a comparison review between the Apple iPhone and the N97 soon after I try it out for a couple of days.


  • How about hating the fact that they’ve released two “new” versions with only minor upgrades and uber-basic stuff like SMS character count and msg split STILL missing?

    It’s obvious Apple are trying to squeeze every $ out of the iPhone while it’s still popular and for that reason alone I’m considering getting rid of my 1st gen iPhone.

  • Well, I’m guessing this is American/European based. It can get a bit slow, but it’s a computer. The thing is, people simply think of it as a phone. When mine gets a bit slow (maybe, once every 3 weeks) I turn it off and on, and its as good as new.

    As for internet browsing, here in Australia, every deal with the iPhone you get however many MB of browsing.

    As for the keyboard, I personally prefer the on screen keyboard to a phone with one with buttons, but that’s more personal taste.

    Battery life is a bit poor, but I haven’t been in a situation when I’ve gone more than 3 days without having access to a power point.

    Multitasking is a bit of an issue

    Flash. I for one am glad the iPhone doesn’t have flash, because then browsing would be incredibly slow.

    Camera. Yes, it’s crap.

    Apple being too bossy about apps? If it means that much to you, jailbreak it.

    3Gs, big ripoff imo. But if you’re going to list speed as an issue with the original iPhone, you can’t complain about that.

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