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Jes Darmanin – IT News Blog

Hey! Welcome! I’m Jes Darmanin, 32 years old technology enthusiast living in Siggiewi, Malta. Welcome to the first Maltese online tech publication. Here you will find articles and useful information on the latest technology, tips and tricks and other areas like hardware, software, IT security, computer graphics, games, photography, music and so on.

From a very young age, I can remember myself with a constant fascination on all types of electronic gadgets, cars, electronic games, radios and dismantling everything that seems broken.  All those little lights, electric motors, speakers, batteries and buttons always intrigued me and I always had this special interest to see how those work and always trying to combine them together to create new gadgets and ultimately trying to take over the world by creating a funny looking robot made of cardboard boxes!

When I started growing older and I got my first PC, a Pentium 1, 166Mhz with 32 MB of ram and 2GB hardisk – that at the time seemed massive! I can still remember the first MP3 file I managed to get on my computer! A friend of mine gave it to me in a zip file distributed on 4 floppy disks!!  Later on getting the first 2X CD writer that cost me a fortune, and slowly slowly upgrading to a better machine.

When I got my second PC, I started learning a bit of Photoshop and HTML at school, and that was enough to get me hooked to web design and development, leading to the building of my very own site (on Tripod!) and later on in 1999, I founded Storm Design, a Web Design company in Malta, catering for the needs of small to medium sized businesses in Malta, and Internationally.

In 2007 I started working for GFI Software, and now I am a Marketing Manager taking care of many areas of online marketing, primarily working towards the company’s product launches. Working with GFI so far has proved to be really interesting, challenging, fun and the team environment is great! In case you never heard about GFI, we are one of the leading network security and messaging software companies, with 10 offices worldwide including Malta as the main office. Visit www.gfi.com for more information.

In October 2007 IT News was launched with it’s own Facebook page, and on May 2013, the Facebook group TechMalta was created and is now one of the most active tech groups in Malta.

Should you wish to get in touch with me with comments on any of my posts, ideas for new posts, software / hardware reviews, rants etc… you can send me an e-mail on info@itnews.com.mt

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