– just another web based service?

Adobe has recently released a public beta of, a Web-based software service, as an alternative to Acrobat.

The aim of is to provide an alternative to the usual office software/apps installed in a computer and therefore making it accessible on every internet connected pc in the world and cross operating system compatible.

This (currently free) service includes – Buzzword, Adobe ConnectNow,  Create PDF, Share and a section called my files.

I tried up BuzzWord yesterday, and it’s very functional… the user interface is similar to the usual office applications, but much smoother and better looking, and it’s all in flash!  It’s kinda cool!

There’s also the Adobe Connect Now, which is a n online sharing/meeting application, it lets youconnect to other with webcam, and also sharing your screen for diagrams presentations etc…Still havent tried this one… dont really have the use for it.

Another very useful option is the Create PDF, this allows you to convert documents to PDF files. It allows you to convert either files from your computer or from the files saved in A very handy online tool.

Finally… this “Online Suite”includes, Share and My files, which are quite straightforwardto understand.

One weird thing i found when using the service is that when you click on one of the services in, i diddnt find a way to go back to the main screen… this feature is either missing or I just cant find it. It was very annoying to have to go back to the browser bar to go to

This service has potential… looking forward to see how it will evolve. Will it still be a free service? Will more apps like excel and ppt be included?

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