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Ever wondered about all the weird and wonderful ways we work in the world?  The Who, What, When, Where and Why?  This begins to give you some insight about the next TEDxValletta – All Things ‘W’ where all the topics are linked to a ‘W’.   Taking place at the Phoenicia hotel on 11/11/11 a varied line-up of speakers and participants will be coming together to share the new wave of ideas worth spreading.

Covering everything from Angel Investing to taking on a fresh perspective of the world we live in, the TEDxValletta movement is going beyond to engage with various stakeholders to effect positive change.

Giving some insight into the next TEDxValletta, Deborah Webster comments: “ This next event is especially near and dear to our heart. Along with others, we have a keen interest in innovative ways that can bring about positive change in this world, how we can reshape the balance away from the reality many people are experiencing. Bankers have stopped banking, limiting opportunities for new budding entrepreneurs, business dealings go awry under the banner of “but this is business”, and people feel stuck, feeling that an individual can’t make a difference.”

TEDxValletta is the platform we use to identify and highlight local and foreign talent, their stories and their vision for a more positive future for ourselves, our communities and our world.  The world we live in is a tad skewed, one in which those who do good should be poor and those who act in their own self-interests should be rich.  But times are changing and the current movement started in Wall Street is one simple example of humanity coming together to regain the balance in this world.  We need to shift from a mindset of scarcity to a belief of we have enough. TEDxValletta – All Things ‘W’ is one more step in the direction of what we want in the world.”

The event is open to the public and information on speakers and tickets is available on-line at

The public event is independently produced and operated under license from TED. TEDx is part of a revolution in global education made possible by local organisers wanting to engage their communities.  Every week, in multiple cities, people are coming together to pursue ideas worth spreading.

For more information, please contact Deborah Webster on

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