Apple iPad – Seriously Underwhelming

The Apple iPad (after years of speculation, mystery, “leaked” imagery and specs) is now launched, and will be available for purchase in about 60 days (or 90 days for the 3G version). The public reception for this new gizmo is probably evenly split in between love it or hate it.

In my impression, the device is quite underwhelming, mostly cos I think that Apple was very unimaginative to produce such a high powered device that seriously lacks some very important features.

We are all in agreement (I guess) that the device looks great, very sleek, the user interface is nice and app support is fantastic. However, we already have all this on the iPhone/iPod touch, and there is no need for such a device unless you want to play around the same stuff with a larger screen. A lot of people where hoping for a lot more!

Starting with multitasking – the iPad lacks multitasking features. Therefore, if for example, you wish to copy something from an e-mail you received, into a word document you are working on, you would have to close your word processor so you can open your email client. For all its horsepower, we’re still relegated to one app at a time.

We are all used to the iPhone’s great web browser, but unfortunately it still does not support Flash!

The device also lacks an in built camera so video conferencing is out of the question.

The iPad is remarkably limited in scope and functionality, and for no good reason. A netbook can run circles around this in terms of actually getting work done. A $399 netbook can do a number of things better than the $499 Apple iPad — like multitask, play Flash video and make a video call. Not only do I disagree that netbooks are stupid, but I also don’t think Steve Job’s comparison of the iPad to netbooks is valid from the start.

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