Apple iPhone 4S or 5… or both!

The iPhone rumor mill is working overtime at the moment and the web is flooded with “maybe this” and “maybe that” speculation on the upcoming iPhone.

So far the top rumors mention the iPhone 5 – a completely re-designed phone with a larger screen, better camera, an additional internal antenna for improved reception and improved CPU (dual core). There is also a rumor going around that there will be no iPhone 5, and there is simply going to be an iPhone 4s, which would simply be an upgrade to the existing iPhone. The rumors say that this will be exactly the same as the iPhone 4 with just a better camera (which is already below standard) and an improved CPU.

The latest rumor however came up a few days ago from Al Gore saying that both these devices will be launched – at once! This isn’t particularly unusual for Apple: the company has released a modified version of a previous model of the iPhone along with a new one in the past.

What do you make of Al Gore’s statement? Did the former Vice President misspeak, or did he know exactly what he was saying? October is just a week and a half away. Apple fans, salivate!

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