Better than the Nokia N95 8gb!

You might have seen this heading and thought….. this guy must be nuts!!! What could possibly be better than the nokia N95 8gb?? But yes… you read well… there will be something better than the Nokia N95 8gb – most probably sometime in Q3 2008. It’s the Nokia N96!!  

Whilst it doesn’t have the touch screen features that a lot of Nokia fans were waiting for (not me)  it will feature a 2.8in QVGA display, 3G connectivity, WiFi, 5MP camera with autofocus, the usual Carl Zeiss lens and LED flash, integrated GPS, UPnP support and 16GB of onboard memory plus microSD slot (something that was left out completely in the N95 8GB!!).

Something totally new is the DVH-B mobile TV tuner. This means that you can watch free to air DVH-B broadcasts on your phone!. It also has a TV-out cable so I guess you can connect it to a TV to watch DVH-B broadcasts!

Here’s a thumbnail pic of the upcoming Nokia N96.

Nokia N96

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