Bloggers gone wild; so wild they got banned!

I actually found this one fairly amusing; however I can imagine the frustration of the event organizers and presenters at the CES where people from the Gizmodo team went around with a TV-B-Gone and turning off TV’s all over the fair while recording it and later putting it on youtube! I can guess that there were literally hundreds of Plasma/LCD TV’s being used in the fair for various purposes.

As I previously said, it was quite creative of those Gizmodo guys to come up with this prank; terribly childish, yet so amusing… I can really imagine the frustration of the organizers/presenters of the event when their screens turned black. I do know the feeling of being in the middle of a presentation and your screen turns black…. (Been there, done that) Extremely embarrassing!!

This prank however might have been a bit over the line, especially if they were used while showcasing/launching a new TV. Some serious loss of business could result from this one.

Here’s the video link and article of the prank by Gizmodo.

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