Bumptop – getting rid of your boring desktop soon!

I have recently got to know about Bumptop. This is a company that promises to revolutionise the way you interact with your desktop. I’m sure most of us are bored with the usual boring desktop screen, and would be willing to try something new! – I’m definately up for it!

As from the video I’ve seen on their website, Bumptop promises to be a a fresh and engaging way to interact with your desktop, and all the files and shortcuts that usually fill out the screen. You can interact with your icons by pushing, pulling and piling documents in a very cool, smooth and 3D graphical way.

Unfortunately this software is still not released, however; those who are interested in this software – you can visit their website on www.bumptop.com and sign up for their newsletter. Once the software is out, you will be notified by email!

Looking forward to it :)

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