Chrome to Phone Updated to Fix Bugs and Improve Look and Feel

Google has updated another one of their apps today. The application allows users to send webpages that they’re viewing on Chrome to their Android devices that have the application installed. My main use for it has been to send maps and directions to my device before I leave to go to a place I don’t know or to read pages later on the move.

The new update fixes an error that caused the app to crash on Honeycomb devices. Google has also added landscape support and an improved look and feel. A solid update, all in all. Find it here in the Android market. [via Android Police]

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  • I believe Samsung is in the pserocs of rolling out the Gingerbread (2.3) update now. You may be able to find a ROM online and flash your device, but that’s going to be tricky and probably won’t work to well. CyanogenMod, which is a popular custom ROM released for a lot of devices, isn’t quite working on the Galaxy Tab yet.

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