Convert any Laptop to an Android Device

Android runs on everything! Though, it’s admittedly tougher to run on some things, of which the most common target are PCs. However there seems to be a solution on the horizon. It’s called “PunkThis” from CUPP Computing. Essentially, this is a a PCB board attached through either SATA or PCI express. stick this thing in your laptop’s hard drive bay and you’ll be running Android.

Most of the typical phone insides are part of the board, including a 1GHz TI OMAP processor, 512MB of RAM, MicroSD card, and even a WiFi chip. This should pretty much guarantee that any app should run unless its simply too heavy for the allotted processor speed and RAM. As for the rest of what makes a smart phone, the board is able to magically interact with the laptop’s display, keyboard, touch pad, and speakers.

What happens if you can’t give up our hard drive? Perhaps you have to take advantage of the board’s pass-through SATA slot. Or, if you have a PC of the desktop variety, CUPP has a Drive enclosure on the way that you can install in one of your tower’s bays.

Here are a few advantages of using this device and running Android on your laptop/netbook.

  1. It would make an ideal media center PC.
  2. It’s an instant on OS.
  3. It’s simpler than a full OS.
  4. Running in a netbook you could peak at about 40 hours of battery life.
In its current configuration the board is loaded with Gingerbread. Hopefully we would see Ice Cream Sandwich on this thing if and when it is released.
via: CUPP

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