Convincing management to spend on security

A survey in the US shows that that 55 percent of SMBs spend less than 10 percent of their IT budget of security, 38 percent spent between 11 and 30 percent of the budget on security, while just 2 percent dedicated more than half of the budget on security. Just over half of the respondents said they found it difficult to convince management to make additional investments in security solutions. This may indicate that most in senior management are only familiar with the traditional security products, namely anti-virus, anti-spam and a firewall.  While IT managers encounter few problems purchasing these products, however, convincing management to spend on vulnerability management, event management, email management and archiving solutions is much more challenging. The survey, conducted by eMediaUSA on behalf of GFI Software, an international network security software developer, was given to 455 IT executives from U.S. based small and medium sized businesses (SMBs). Further results on the survey can be found at

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