Do not buy the Nokia n97!

Today I was off with a start of a great day. I woke up early took my new car for a spin in the less trafficky than usual streets and arrived at work early. All was great until I came across a blog mentioning the release of the Nokia n900!

How could Nokia do this? The Nokia n97 has been released just under 2 months ago, and they come up with an announcement of a newer… much better phone! Don’t get me wrong… I haven’t regretted buying the N97 at all, it works great and I love everything about it. However as of today, I think this was probably the worst purchase ever.

The new phone features a different operating system than the Nokia’s usual Symbian OS – which probably means that Nokia might be slowly moving now towards the Linux powered Maemo 5 operating system.

The N97 features:

  • a much improved touch screen navigation using the Maemo OS
  • faster CPU (600mhz)
  • more RAM to handle the current running applications
  • improved graphics performance with PowerVR SGX with OpenGL ES 2.0 support

So if you are currently craving to buy a Nokia N97 just wait! STOP! you’d be better off waiting until October when the N900 is planned for release.

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  • A small update:
    My recently purchased N97 just decided to quite working. I’ve noticed for a few days that the touchscreen was not as responsive as it should be. At first i thought it was a software issue, but after uninstalling all applications, and re-installed the latest firmware, the touchscreen was still very unresponsive. Then after a while, the touchscreen just stopped working. I will have to take the n97 to the service centre and hope for a replacement.

  • Thanks for the heads up. I hope your N97 gets fixed though soon, as I am sure it is a pain in the butt to not have a new phone. That is why I hate to buy new phones, because they always come out with something better in a month or two, just like computers.

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