Download Photoshop for your Android Phone

If you are one of the lucky few in Malta to own an Android Phone, you can now download the recently released Photoshop Mobile for Android devices. Unfortunately, Photoshop Mobile is only available for Android Market in the US. UK and the rest of the world (including Malta) is left out. But the world doesn’t end here. You can still install the app using the APK file.

Photoshop Mobile for Android Features the ability to Crop, rotate, color-correct, add soft focus, change to black & white and add a sepia tint (amongst many other features) It includes also an intuitive Photo Browser for viewing local and online images.


Direct Download Photoshop Mobile Android
You can download Photoshop Mobile for Android from here: Download Photoshop Mobile 1.0

This application should also be available for iPhone and iPod touch, however availability from the App Store in Malta is not confirmed.

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