Find and Delete large emails from Gmail

Even though Gmail offers a massive 7.5GB (and growing) email storage, some power users will occasionally get dangerously close to the limit, and therefore will have to start thinking about either upgrading or deleting some of the unnecessary junk from the mailbox.

When upgrading the account is out of the question (even though it’s really cheap). Sorting through the emails would be a never ending task, and unfortunately, Gmail doesn’t offer any built in feature to find the largest emails in your mailbox. So in this scenario, one has to turn to a third party offering to handle this tedious task.

One solution would be to use Gmail’s IMAP service to download the emails to Outlook, and sort through the emails using Outlook’s email sorting capabilities. Outlook will connect to your Gmail account via IMAP and therefore when you delete an emails with big attachments locally, the same happens in your online inbox as well.

If you however find the above workarounds a little complicated, and that it would take ages to download all email, there’s an even simpler method that won’t even require you download or install anything – it’s called

This incredibly useful and simple to use web service will quickly find all the big email messages in your Gmail account that are taking up the maximum space. These messages are categorized with special labels to help you decide which of them should be removed to recover more space.

To get started, you simply connect your Gmail account with Find Big Mail using Google’s OAuth. It then scans all your messages for their sizes and send you an email notification once the scan is over.

You can then log into your Gmail account and act on messages marked with the labels to instantly reclaim space. I have freed up about 1GB of space from files I didn’t even know I had in my account.

For business users, this could also be an incredibly precious tool, since it can be used to delete any unnecessary files from your account, therefore you might be able to reduce storage costs from your Gmail service.

This service is run on donation basis, so if you like the tool, a donation to the team would be appreciated to help them cover the costs and keep the service running.

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