Firefox adopts Firefoxes

Mozilla is joining the fight to save the environment. The company just adopted two female six-month-old red pandas from the Knoxville Zoo. The cute critters are also known as firefoxes, not-so-coincidentally the name of Mozilla’s popular web browser.

Mozilla is using their adoption to raise awareness about the plight of this creature. The red pandas will receive new playthings based on how many people download Mozilla’s browser, with the cubs already enjoying their new playground as a result. Mozilla Firefox will be broadcasting live, 24/7 footage of the pandas during the upcoming months.

Red pandas are native to the Himalayan foothills of China, Nepal, and India. They prefer remote, high altitude areas with bamboo forests. Unfortunately, their habitat is being demolished by loggers and human expansion. They are also targets for hunters because of their bright red pelts.

The red panda population is now estimated at fewer than 10,000 mature individuals, and they are on a continuing decline.

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