FruitfulTime TaskManager v2

A few weeks ago, the latest version of FruitfulTime TaskManager v2 has been released. As like the previous release, IT News Blog will be reviewing this software – first you can start by reading the previous review.

Initial Impressions:
The new version has a MASSIVE list of improvements… so big that seems never ending (which is a very good thing!) However this list is not available on the official product page – you can read the full list here. When i went ahead to download the software, as promised the file is under 1MB and therefore it downloaded in a couple of seconds…. awesome!

Installation was also extremely fast and as promised, after the installation, software loads up really quickly! A+ for that!

The user interface has been improved, and now you can see a top toolbar and menubar with a good list of tools you can use to create new tasks, manage, add contact etc… and also most noticeably, you can see also a search toolbar, which now is always visible to allow you to search through your tasks, notes etc… The filtering features have been extended to include new task details such as priority, status, and progress, and also subtask details.

One thing that I noticed that was not available in the previous version was that when you remove a task, it will now be just hidden from view, therefore if you accidentally delete a task, you can click on the “deleted tasks” button and retrieve the task back to your active tasks list. – Very useful feature!

Tagging your tasks is now easier by right click and there are also some keyboard shortcuts that you can use.  However, as per my previous review… I would have personally preferred a drop down approach like the rest of the items when you are initially creating the task. Progress on tasks and subtasks is now more granular, in increments of 10%, the previous version allowed only in 25% increments, so that’s another welcome addition. Tasks and subtasks can be assigned to a person from your contacts list. You can then filter your task list to view the tasks assigned to a particular person, with this great function, it makes it suitable also for managers that hand out tasks to subordinates and can monitor progress.

On the list of updates to the software it says that “You can optionally choose to chime a sound when reminders are displayed.” But i didn’t find a way to customise this.. I mean, i don’t know f i can select a sound file myself or if i can just turn this on or off. – A suggested feature that would be very handy is events associated with the reminders – like… run a program when reminder is on or even better… send an email when reminder is triggered…. oh I would so love that!

Another useful option that was missing from the previous version (if i remember well) is the ability to print your task list, this is now implemented, and apart from that, you have also the possiblity to export to CSV, XML, and HTML! That’s justgreat for those who want t upload the task list on a web server and load it from a PDA/Internet connected phone (Even for those with an iPhone/3g!)

I think this pretty much covers SOME (cos there are so much more) of the software improvements! Well done to the people behind this software cos it really shows a lot of dedication and excellent thinking and planning… Really an awesome piece of software.  So if you are currently looking for a to do list software, I would highly recommend this one!

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