GFI Festive Season Competition

GFI has just launched it’s festive season competition with some FANTASTIC prizes! Taking part is very easy! All you have to do is to to guess which GFI product logo has been printed and sealed in a signed envelope.

The prizes are : an Asus Netbook, a Sony Camcorder and a Panasonic Digital Camera!

The Products are:

1.  GFI LANguard™
2.  GFI EventsManager™
3.  GFI NetworkServer Monitor™
4.  GFI EndPoint Security™
5.  GFI MAX™
6.  GFI Backup – Home Edition™
7.  GFI FAXmaker™
8.  GFI MailArchiver™
9.  GFI MailDefense Suite™
10.  GFI WebMonitor™
11.  GFI MailSecurity™
12.  GFI MailEssentials™

Chose one from the above which you think is the chosen logo and post your answer in the comment form on this blog post

Good Luck!

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