Google Launched the Rebranded App Store – Google Play

Say goodbye to the Android Market, and hello to Google Play.

Starting Tuesday, the Android app store, along with Google Music and the Google eBookstore, are losing their individual identity — and all reassembling under the Google Play umbrella.

The change is more in name than in functionality. In short, it’s an attempt by Google to break down the walls surrounding each of its content offerings. While users may have known that Google sells Android apps, some may have had less knowledge of its video or book offerings.

Putting all the content under the same name should enable the company to showcase all of its offerings equally, and potentially bring in new customers in the process.

Promotional videos for Google Play drive home that the service is cloud-based, and can be used to view content on one of your devices, and then pick up where you left off on another. For instance, if you purchase a book to read on your Android phone, you can pick up where you left off on your tablet later on.

Movies can be downloaded and viewed on your computer, but also viewed on your tablet or phone while you’re traveling.

Google has also integrated social sharing into Google Play, so you can share with friends on Google+ what music you’re currently listening to, or that you’ve just started reading the latest bestseller.

The Android Market will be re-branded as the “Google Play Store,” and movies books, and music will be upgraded to Google Play Movies, Google Play Books and Google Play Music respectively. The change has already occurred to the Android Market online, and is set to roll out to Android devices (Froyo or higher) over the next few days.

To mark the move, Google is also offering a new book, album, video rental and app at discounted prices for the remainder of the week as part of a “7 days to Play” sale.

Unfortunately it seems that the music/video and book content is still not yet accessible to devices in Malta, and therefore for now we will only be able to access the app store… seriously guys? It’s 2012!

Click here to download the Play Shop APK – Thanks to Ian Galdies for the file!

Via : Mashable

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