Google Nexus One Phone is Out!

The long time rumored Google Nexus One phone has been now released. The release of this phone is almost impossible to miss, since it managed to gather mentions in almost all of the print/tech publications in the world.

The specifications on this phone are quite amazing, and it’s probably going to hit Apple’s iPhone sales quite a bit. This is especially so, if it manages to get more app developers interested enough to start developing loads of applications for it.

From a first point of view, the phone looks solid, extremely easy to use and the operating system looks nice. As previously mentioned, the specifications are fantastic! Style wise, it’s very similar to the usual “iPhone” design, and use of buttons is very minimal.

Here is a brief overview of the specifications, in comparison with the iPhone:

  • Screen : 3.7″ Capactative touch screen  (iPhone has 3.5″)
  • Screen Resolution : 800×480 (iPhone has 480×320)
  • Weight : 130 grams (iPhone weighs 135 grams)
  • Photo Camera : Autofocus 5MP + LED flash (iPhone has 3.5 MP Autofocus with no flash)
  • Video Camera : 720×480 pixels at 20 frames per second (iPhone 640×480 at 30 FPS)
  • Battery Life (Talk time) : 7 HRS (iPhone 5 HRS)
  • Storage : 4GB, Expandable to 32GB by flash cards (iPhone has 16GB/32GB versions with no expansion)
  • Applications : Over 20,000 apps (iPhone has about 90,000)
  • Navigation : Touch screen with clickable trackball (iPhone touch screen only)
  • Multitasking Possibilities : Yes (iPhone no multitasking)

As you can see above, the Google Nexus One, beats the iPhone 3Gs hands down spec wise. However when it comes to the variety of applications available, the iPhone still rules the pack. This can however quickly change since a lot of application developers, are already creating android compatible applications of most of the existing iPhone apps. I guess we just have to wait and see!

Unfortunately, I think we would have to wait quite a bit to see this phone available in Malta.

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