How recruitment would be if it had to be reinvented today

I can only imagine how tough it is to be a recruiter. I can’t even imagine the time wasted copying and pasting on different job boards that leads to unsorted CV’s from different sources; which are a nightmare to sort out and if untackled can quickly become outdated. Short listing candidates is another nightmare stuck on replay. You interview candidates, take notes and if these are not processed quickly you once again take the risk of getting lost in a pile of mismatched notes. You also need to give the candidate feedback, and share notes with your colleagues. Therefore organization and timing are key.

So, the guys at careerpassport put on their thinking cap, and thought hard, and asked, ‘How would recruitment be if it were to be re-invented today?’

The answer was the innovative powerful platform called careerpassport. By exploiting the web and social recruitment the company is able to provide its clients a fully integrated career site, complementing the company’s site with its own choice of URL.

The recruiter receives all job applications through one system and communicating with clients is much easier. All this leads to companies managing their own CV bank, enabling them to write notes on candidates which can be easily shared with colleagues.

Careerpassport realized that Social Media has become an important aspect in recruitment. This triggered the innovative idea that candidates should be allowed to create a profile through the social network Linkedin. From a candidate perspective, careerpassport will act as a central portal for numerous job opportunities, allowing users to create their own professional profile, update it regularly and post it on multiple job sites. Candidates are alerted when a job matching their preference is published.

The result is an efficient and streamlined recruitment system with improved chances of employing top talent at a considerably reduced cost! This is why the careerpassport team chose to reinvent recruitment and careerpassport is the innovative way of doing so.

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