Instagram for Android breaks the million mark shortly after launch

Instagram for Android was an instant hit. Some Android users have been patiently waiting for the application as their iPhone toting friends have uploaded thousands of hipster-tinged photos to social networking sites as if to almost mock them.

The release of the app has started a little flame war between the two factions, but the Android army is growing stronger by the minute. In less than one day since it was made available Instagram has already broken the one million download mark, according to Google Play.

By the end of the week, Instagram is sure to rack up millions more, causing folks to further wonder what took them so long to release the app.

I personally don’t understand the fuss about this App. Everyone wants the best camera on their phones but then using this app to make photos look old and discolored…. Apart from the fact that most Android phones already have these effects on the default camera app, and several apps that give you these features.

Still interested to check it out? Click here to go to the Google Play store.

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