Internet might die in 2038!

Year 2038 Bug

 According to a blog post on Read Write Web – this might be the worst case scenario in the year 2038. The internet might…… gulp…… die!

This is due to a bug, very similar to the Y2K Bug (millennium bug), recently discovered in the Unix operating system.

The bug, being dubbed the “2038 Bug,” arises because Unix-based systems store the time as a signed 32-bit integer, in seconds, from midnight on January 1 1970. And the latest time that can be represented in that format, by the Posix standard, is 3:14 AM on January 19, 2038. After that, times will wrap around and be represented as a negative number.

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  • This is all VERY INTERESTING not only when you compare it to Y2K, but also When you check out the John Titer Hoax. (in Wickipedia)!
    Although this is due to actually happen, we seemed to survive Y2K, and will (I’m sure) survive this too!
    Isn’t that wonderful, now all we have to worry about is UFO’s visiting guys named “Billy Bob” and the approach of PLANET-X. DAVE

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