Iphone…? Neh!

I really cant understand all the fuss about the iPhone… I mean… this phone is really beautiful, easy to use and has some really innovative features never seen before in use on a mobile phone, and the touch screen user interface makes the other phone manufacturers wet their pants. However I must really point out some areas that the iPhone really lacks off.

  • Locked phones – who likes a locked phone?? Not me definitely. I wouldn’t want to be limited to a particular service provider. I want the freedom to switch from one provider to the other. 
  • Camera – a 2mp camera on the iPhone is decent enough, however why a 2mp camera only when a 3+ mp camera phones were already released and used. One should point out also the missing flashlight!
  • Video Recording – oh come on! Apple really missed out on this one. Even the most basic camera phones can record video. I also came across the LG Viewty recently. It has a 5MP camera with video recording capabilities of up to 120FPS! That’s quite amazing and not even my camcorder can do that. And what about the iPhone……….? NO video recording!!!
  • Apps – Most Nokia phones allow you to install other apps for further phone functionality. Other basic phones allow you to install java apps. And also the best ones with the Mobile Windows OS have thousands of software that can be installed. What about the iPhone…? NONE. No third party apps!

I think this was enough, although I’m sure I forgot other missing features that I missed out. I’ll update these as I remember or if you got any more additions to it, send a comment and I’ll gladly add J


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