Join the European Campaign for Broadband Performance Measurement

Together, the European Commission and SamKnows aim to provide Europe with reliable and accurate statistics of broadband performance across Europe.

Volunteers will receive a purpose-built broadband measurement unit which can be plugged into the existing modem/router. This is called the SamKnows Whitebox.

If you are interested in helping by hosting a SamKnows Whitebox, and playing a part in changing the face of the European broadband industry, then please sign up on this page! It’s worth taking the time to read through the requirements before proceeding.


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  • Why should anyone trust yet another commercial entity to measure the performance of other commercial entities? Does SamKnows want to become the S&P or Moodys of the internet. We all know how well that is going. Why not get an NGO to run this stuff, and where are UNESCO and ISO with all their resources when you need them? No I will not support a public institution giving a leg up to a private company, I believe in the free & FAIR market, not just for ISPs but for (bandwith) rating agencies too.

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