Macworld Announcements

Well, you must have read a hundred or thousand of posts mentioning the new stuff released by Mac in the Macworld 2008. So in this post I am just going to highlight the main stuff and my point of view.
MacBook Air : My first impression, when I saw the videoclip of Steve Jobs holding the MacBook Air in his hands was like… I WANT ONE!! However, when I saw the specs, I wasn’t that impressed, in-fact my existing laptop is far more superior that that.
This laptop is the thinnest laptop ever with an unbelievable height of 0.16-0.76 inch. And also it weights only 1.36kg! It has a 13” LED backlit widescreen and a cool backlit keyboard. System is based on an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU that comes in 1.6 and 1.8ghz flavors. It has also an 80 GB drive or an optional 64 GB solid state drive. It also has a multitouch sensitive touchpad that many people seem to really like lately.
Definitely impressive. However in my opinion I would have opted for a couple of millimeters more to make up for the missing stuff in this new MacBook.
Let’s start from the biggest problem in my concern. I hate touch pads – therefore on my laptop I use a mouse almost all the time. The new MacBook has only 1 USB port – a major disadvantage – meaning that if you run around with a mouse attached to the laptop, and you need to transfer some photos from a camera, or get stuff from a flash pen, print or scan something you have to disconnect your USB device and attach another. Even if you have to simply print a document from a flash pen, you would have to plug in the flashpen, copy the document to the hdd, disconnect the flash pen, connect the printer and finally print! At least 2 USB ports would have been a lot better.
There is also a missing Ethernet connection! And you would have to get also a usb adaptor for that. That definitely could be a problem with mobile professionals. Some people still prefer to have a wired connection due to security issues; therefore the missing Ethernet connection could really be problematic.
Second problem goes with the battery. It’s not user replaceable. Therefore you cannot buy an extra battery for extra juice on the road, and also if the battery dies up, you would have to take it to a service centre to get it replaced. This is quite common in Mac products, since if if I remember well, the iPod’s don’t have a user replaceable battery and also the iPhones.
As for the other stuff mentioned in the Macworld were the Time Capsule, iPhone apps and iTunes movie Rentals.
Itunes movie rentals don’t really intrigue me, and the iPhone apps I can’t imagine anyone going to buy those for $20, however the Time Capsule is extremely interesting. I have imagined of owning a device like that for my pc, a great place to store my stuff wirelessly. Sounds awesome to me and not expensive either. And the 500gb and 1tb versions are extremely generous. I hope I see a pc version of it soon! 

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