Magnetic Thinking Putty

Yeah, we know that you are secretly intrigued by these interesting fun gadgets and toys. We have recently discovered this new kind of silly putty, that could keep you entertained for at least… well, 10 minutes perhaps.

This new and improved version of Silly Putty, Dubbed as the “Magnetic Thinking Putty”, has a lot of very tiny magnetic particles included in the mixture that makes it react to opposing or attracting magnets.

Just like any other glob of Silly Putty, the “Magnetic Thinking Putty” can be shaped, broken, molded, bounced, and whatnot. The plus here is that it comes with a little cube magnet (neodymium iron boron) that you can use to manipulate the putty. Since the magnet is super strong, you can “control” the Magnetic Thinking Putty into forming pretty cool shapes without even touching it!

Watch the video below to fully understand it’s awesomeness!

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