Microsoft Announces the Windows Mobile 7

Microsoft has announced the Windows Phone 7 Series, a complete re-branding of Windows Mobile OS. The phone operating system is apparently completely new and everything from the underlying code, and the system’s look and feel have been developed from scratch! Everything is brand new.

7 Series has rebuilt Windows Mobile from the ground up, featuring a completely altered home screen and a new user interface experience, robust Xbox LIVE and Zune integration, and vastly new and improved social networking tools. Gone is the familiar Start screen, now replaced with “tiles” which scroll vertically and can be customized as quick launches, links to contacts, or self contained widgets. The look of the OS has also been radically upended, mirroring the Zune HD experience closely, replete with that large, iconic text for menus, and content transitions which elegantly (and dimensionally) slide a user into and out of different views.

The OS is also heavily focused on social networking, providing integrated contact pages which show status updates from multiple services and allow fast jumps to richer cloud content (such as photo galleries). The Xbox integration will include LIVE games, avatars, and profiles, while the Zune end of things appears to be a carbon copy of the standalone device’s features (including FM radio). The first handsets are supposed to hit the market by the holidays of this year.

Check out the video preview below.

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