MT9 to replace MP3 standard?

sound - mt9 mp3The Motion Pictures Experts Group, also known as MPEG, will meet this month to consider making a new digital audio format called MT9.

Developed by a company called Audizen, the MT9 format (also known as Music 2.0) has the advantage of splitting an audio file in 6 different channels. This gives the ability to separate channels, such as vocals, guitar, bass and so on. Users would then be able to play the track, and modify each channel’s volume like a producer in a studio.

Imagine being able to remove one or more instruments in a song, or maybe also play just one instrument, also easily turning the song into a karaoke friendly version!

Technically, it isn’t difficuilt, the music industry would soon adapt to these standards. The major problem would be, that most of today’s media players would not be able to play those files and therefore making them obsolete!

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  • The distinctive feature of MT9 format is that it has a six-channel audio equalizer, with each channel dedicated to voice, chorus, piano, guitar, base and drum. For example, if a user turns off the voice channel, it becomes a karaoke player. Or one can turn off all the instruments and concentrate on the voice of the main singer as if he or she is singing a cappella.The MT9 files are served in an album package. Audizen is currently selling a limited choice of albums at 2,000 won to 3,000 won on its Web site. More albums are being recorded in the format and even very old albums, such as Queen’s or Deulgookhwa’s, can be made into MT9 files if they have a digitally re-mastered music source, Ham said.

  • Improved sound quality is always nice but if consumers are happy with MP3 quality (which they generally are) then any new format needs to offer something else… As well as an increase in sound quality, MT9 boasts a very cool feature…

  • I spent a lot of time getting my mixes just right and I don’t think I’d want my songs to be distributed after being remixed by some random teenager. Maybe this shows just how old and inflexible I am, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who likes to retain some artistic control of my music. If MT9 does take off, be prepared for some restrictions on what you can actually do to your favorite sounds. Of course there’s also the small issue of re-mastering existing catalogues into an appropriate 6-track format.

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