New Made-in-Malta game hits the Apple store

Casual games on mobile devices have seen an incredible boost in popularity in the last years. BLOSSOMS is such a game, blending the necessity for eye-blinking strategy and the skills for finger swiping precision.

Dubbed as both a therapeutic and a mind-boggling experience, the game was conceived and developed in Malta by local software programmer Noel Baldacchino, who led a team of 2 artists and an audio engineer to bring the product to the Apple App store. The game was released on 11-Nov-11, to coincide with the local release of the iPhone4S.

Blossoms is a well-crafted game, and thanks to the very simple controls, it’s easy enough for kids to enjoy as well as adults, making it the perfect time-killer, either whilst queuing at the bank, waiting for the bus, or lingering for a date to show up. The concept of the game is simple, yet Blossoms presents itself in a very abstract and unconventional way. The player has to swipe across the screen, to control the breeze and guide coloured leaves in the fountain of youth, whilst disposing of negative leaves as fast as possible. The more positive leaves hit the water surface, the more karma points are accumulated, which results in advancement to the next season.

Noel Baldacchino spent 18 months developing his own game engine for the iOS platform. His first iPhone game product, using his code framework, is now available for free. “We wanted to make a work of art, rather than just another game that follows the standard video-gaming playing rules we have all become accustomed to. The result is a minimalistic style, and it’s up to the adventurous spirit of the player to uncover the inner workings of the game. You won’t see a points counter, or a top score list, because in both Life and Nature there are no such rules! I believe that all art should be made available to everyone, so we put out the game for free”, says Noel.

The game can be downloaded today from the Apple app store for free.

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