No, you don’t need to defragment your Android!

Android Defrag, an app created by Enlightened Software House, promised to “Increase your Android Mobile & Tablets Performance Speeds, Battery and Memory Today.” There was a Pro version too, and it only cost a buck – what a deal!

Wrong. Android devices (and pretty much any other phone in existence) use flash memory, and flash memory does not benefit from defragmentation because fragmentation does not slow it down in the first place. In fact just the opposite – defragmentation only makes things worse by decreasing flash memory’s lifetime.

This app and any other defrag app you’ll ever see for Android (or any other device) are going to be some sorts of scam in one way or another. In this case, Android Defrag asks for permissions to read browser history and bookmarks as well as network communication. Who knows what it was going to do with this information and where this farmed data would end up?

This particular app was also removed from the app store, further confirming that the app is actually a ripoff. Just a small note for everyone to be careful what you download/buy.

Via : Android Police

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  • Great insight. Unfortunately most consumers are not really aware of the useless utility apps for Android!

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