Nokia N93 Review

This is just a small review with my good points and bad points about my ex-Nokia N93. If any of you bothered to read one of my older (very long)  blog posts, would have read that this has been stolen from me while I was on holiday in Spain! – Please note that these are just some of my personal views on the phone.

  • Since this phone is quite flexible with all the flips and swivels, the phone feels a bit weak when it comes to build quality. Sometimes when I’m putting it back in my pocket it would feel like it’s going to crack from the swivels. You might also pay attention if you are using it while walking cos if you bump into somebody/something it might probably break.
  • When opening the swivel to use the phone menu and answer calls etc… the swivel cant be opened with just one thumb like the smaller flip phones. you have to use the other hand to fully open the device.
  • The phone itself is quite chunky and heavy, and is absolutely not suitable for small people, and people with small hands as it might really look ridiculous in their hands. In the first week using the phone my fingers and wrist were actually hurting a bit due to it’s weight. I also read on an older review somewhere, that while owning this phone, you could also use it for self defence – cos if someone would want to steal your purse or bag or wahever you can throw him this phone and most probably (if you hit him in the head that is) put him in a coma! – it is a bit exagerated, but the phone IS quite heavy.
  • When in camera mode, when you want to switch back to phone, if you just swivel back the phone to normal mode, the camera software would be still running the the background, slowing the phone down considerably and wasting precious battery life. Be sure to close the camera using the appropriate menu function before swiveling the phone back to normal.
  • Battery life is pretty good, i used it for about 3 or 4 days without charging, however, as all other phones, if you use the camera/video/wifi a lot it will drain the battery pretty quickly.
  • Wifi connectivity was quite good and i used it to access gmail and lots of other sites and it was pretty good, i’m almost sure however that it doesn’t support any flash on websites (i might be wrong on this one)
  • Screen – simply amazing, i loved it, crystal clear and crisp, one of the best i’ve ever seen
  • Camera – average – i did expect better. pics are good in daylight and good light conditions, inside not good at all.
  • Video – i must say i was disappointed in this as-well. not as good as i expected.
  • Zoom – pretty good. you can hear a small sound when you are using the optical zoom, however this small lens moving sound can be heard when recording videos!
  • UI – standard Nokia Symbian s60 version3 – I love this UI, very fast and friendly and anyone can get the hang of it in minutes!
  • Gallery feature – this one was pretty good and disappointing at the same time
    • Starting with the good stuff, i like the part where the phone displays the images one after another and you can scroll through the images one by one with a nice scrolling effect.
    • I didn’t like however that the phone just takes all the images and videos from your phone and memory card and displays them all on one folder, it completely ignored the folders i setup when i had the same memory card in my older Nokia 6280. It also didn’t store the image thumbnails, and apparently it keeps generating a new thumbnail every-time you view pictures as thumbnails in the gallery.
  • TV connectivity. this was quite a feature that i was really eager to try, and it wasn’t disappointing at all. i liked the connectivity options with the TV’s and also support for wide-screens. playback was good and smooth. very nice for showing pics and movies on the go.

Well this is pretty much what I can remember about the good and the bad sides of this phone. I will update this one should I remember any important features that I forgot to include. I hope it’s of any use to someone!

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