Nokia N95 8GB – My experience so far…

I bought the Nokia N95 8gb version a few months ago, and I can surely confirm that this phone is absolutely the best phone I ever owned! It has all the features I can think of and it exceeded my expectations big time!

Reception and voice quality is great, and I didn’t experience any problems at all. Sound is very clear and unbelievably loud! On most phones I used to set the setting to high since that was the only setting i could hear very well, on the N95 8gb, i had to actually lower this a bit cos it was a bit too loud! – quite useful though for loud places!

The screen is totally awesome, very crisp and vivid images, even when you use the screen as a camera viewfinder, it responds very quickly with no delays.  One thing that i don’t like in the screen, is that when the phone switches off the screen for standby, sometimes it just starts to flicker when the screen goes on  . – nothing really major, but it would be better fixed ey :)

The recently released n-gage application is really cool, and I already purchased 2 games! It has also options for screen orientation, allowing you to play the games either vertically or horizontally. Tetris is a very good quality and really addictive game!

Keyboard  is good too, typing sms is fast and since each button is slightly raised up, you can easily get adapted to it and type sms without even looking at the keypad. Sometimes though, I think that the light sensor is not working too well, cos sometimes the keypad just doesn’t light up when it should. One feature that I miss a lot from the Nokia 6288 is the ability to press the * button twice, and a set of emotion icons can be easily inserted in the message you are typing (I use those a lot!! :) !) –  would have to type them in manually.

Built in 5MP Camera is quite good too…. I mean… I don’t expect a lot from a phone camera, however this one is quite good and the video camera is also very handy as you can catch your co-workers trying to play bowling :) and some others showing off their awesome skills!

OS is the standard s60 symbian, I quite like it since you can find loads of software and games for it (Not as much as Windows Mobile though!) This OS can be customised with themes etc… and therefore you can look around the net for a theme about virtually anything and apply it to your phone.

This phone is just awesome – buy it :)

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  • * Up to 160 MB* internal dynamic memory for messages, ringing tones, images, video clips, calendar notes, to-do list and applications
    * Memory card slot supporting up to 4 GB microSD memory cards

    The Nokia N95 8GB version has obviously 8GB of storage, with No Memory card support.

  • N95 is really a damn good mobile wih all the features you have ever wanted in your hand.Most of them is that its loaded with symbiam S60v3 version.There are so many softwares for symbian mobiles & you can enjoy huge round of gaming etc. etc. there is no end of entertainment.

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