Product Review: PS VITA

I must say I was impressed when trying out the new PS Vita. It is very handy and comfortable to hold, just like a normal Play station controller. At a first glance I was able to see how well the graphics were rendered.

The PS Vita features a 5 inch Multi touch screen. It has a 4 core CPU and it handles applications and games very smoothly.  It has also a rear multi touch pad for specific types of games.  GPS is also built in and supports Wi-Fi and 3G. That way you can always update your location, use facebook, twitter and other stuff, while staying connected to the internet. It has front and rear cameras which can be used during games, personal photos, and even for group chats. The PS vita can also be used for browsing the internet  it handles internet sites very well. Graphics on the PS Vita are impressive, I can say I have never seen those better graphics than this on a handheld.

I was quite impressed with the PS Vita, however I wish I had more gaming experience, I could only try a demo as Malta’s PS store is still unavailable. As a conclusion I would say it’s great value for money, and a must-have for Play Station Gamers. I cannot say so much due to the limited gaming experience I’ve had.

*PS Vita starter Packs are available at all Vodafone stores.

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