Reviews & Articles

This is a list of hardware and software reviews done so far. These reviews are completely un-biased and reflect just my own personal opinion. Should you be interested to have your hardware/software reviewed for free, do not hesitate to contact us on info (AT)

Clearapps – Network Inventory Advisor
GFI Backup Home Edition – Freeware
FruitfulTime Task Manager Software V2
FruitfulTime Task Manager Software V1

Online Software / Websites:
Zoho Invoice Manager

Nokia N93 Review
Nokia N95 – 8GB Review
iPhone VS Blackberry
Playstation 3 Slim


Command & Conquer – Red Alert 3
Guitar Hero
Championship Manager 2010

Green Articles:
Tips for a paperless office
The Dry Truth: Desertification and the Death of Ecosystems
Working Green and Saving Money with Telework
Earth Overshoot Day: Borrowing Resources from Our Children
Sunscreen: Biological Effects vs. Cosmetic Use
Save Cash While Saving the Environment

Other Articles:
How to get away from the Monitor