Run Android Apps on your Windows PC

Thanks to an application called BlueStacks Windows PC users can now run Android apps on their systems. This application took two years to build, with 10 engineers working hard to get it developed. If you ever wanted to play Angry Birds on your Windows PC, then it’s a nice feeling to know that you can now do so.

The BlueStacks app will come pre-loaded with 10 apps, but you can also push your apps from your Android handset to your PC – something that isn’t possible yet on the Mac.

It’s not certain how much interest there has been in this new app, but we can see it gain momentum. Having said that, with the install base of Android, and the likelihood that most of them use Windows, it won’t be too long before downloads hit the millions in a short amount of time. We now wonder if the company will offer the same kind of solution to iPhone users with a Windows PC, or BlackBerry?

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