Samsung Galaxy Tab

After the enormous success of the iPad (selling about three million units in just a few months), Samsung (albeit a bit late) is about to release its first decent competitor in the Tablet market.

After a week of teaser videos and rumours, Samsung has come clean about its Galaxy Tab 7-inch tablet. In regards to hardware, the device seems to be of very good quality and it feels like a very solid lightweight device. The main feature of this tablet is obviously the 7inch AMOLED capacitative touch screen which compared to the iPad’s screen looks a lot better due to its higher pixel density. It runs on a 1 GHz Cortex A8 processor which is quite fast for a tablet, and this results in a fast, and snappy user experience. All the tablet’s functions are managed by the Android OS 2.2 and Samsung has included the TouchWiz 3.0 user interface for a more aesthetically pleasing user interface.

Other features worth mentioning include; 16GB or 32GB internal storage, microSD expansion for up to 32GB additional storage, Front-facing 1.3 megapixel camera and rear 3 megapixel camera with flash and it can play Full HD video.

Compared to the iPad, this sounds like quite a decent competitor. The major differences between the two are:

  • OS : iPad runs on iOS4 and the Tab runs on Android (simply matter of personal choice. Techies tend to prefer the Android OS)
  • Screen Size : iPad has a 10inch screen VS the Tab’s 7 inch (this is a matter of personal preference too, some people might like the large screen, and others might prefer a smaller one)
  • Storage : iPad has 16, 32 or 64GB versions, while the TAB has 16 and 32GB version, but features also a micro SD card slot for virtually unlimited storage via 32GB cards.
  • Camera : iPad doesn’t have any camera capabilities, whilst the Tab features a front facing 1.3MP camera for video calling, and a 3MP camera on the back for photo and video.
  • Phone Capabilities : iPad doesn’t have any built in phone capabilities except for installable VOIP applications. The tab allows normal phone calls through the Bluetooth headset.
  • Web Browsing : Both devices allow for smooth and fast web browsing, however the Galaxy Tab has built in flash support, something that seems that will never happen on any Apple device.
  • Battery Life : Both devices have very good battery life, but you can probably get a bit more with the iPad. Most tests conclude that you might be able to get an hour or two more.

Overall, both tablets offer amazing features and it all boils down to the buyer’s personal preferences when it comes to size, and specs. We will be definitely keeping an eye out for this one and we’ll be looking forward to see what Apple will come up with to compete with such a device.

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