Sony And HTC – Partnering To Bring PlayStation Certification To HTC Devices

At its E3 press conference, Sony named HTC as the first company other than itself to manufacture PlayStation-Certified phones, which gives them access to a higher class of mobile games currently available only to Sony customers. Details on the partnership have not yet been revealed.

Until now, it has done that through phones like the Xperia Play and Tablet P, devices that were built in-house or through the former partnership with Ericsson. That will change now that PlayStation Suite has been renamed PlayStation Mobile as the company seeks to spread that mission.

Today’s announcement confirms rumors first spread in February that HTC would manufacture PlayStation-certified devices. It’s an important milestone because there are plenty of people who are devoted to the PlayStation gaming experience but not Sony phones (present company included). Though I’m sure Sony would love if everyone bought nothing but Sony devices, the company had to see that it was better not to shackle gaming fans to Sony Mobile devices. This allows the company to sell PS One-quality games to willing customers.

Let’s see if this also raises the bar for HTC’s gaming options. We’re still waiting on more specifics about device availability, but the HTC One X was displayed on stage when speaking in reference to the certification process. It’s possible that existing high-end HTC phones, at least the One X, might be retroactively certified.

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