TAG Heuer Announces Luxury Racer

Seems like luxury Android phones are becoming a trend, with LG’s PRADA phone, and last year’s ridiculously priced $6,700 LINK by TAG Heuer. Well the latter is at it again with the announcement of the TAG Heuer Racer Android Smartphone. This luxury smartphone is Swiss engineered with carbon fiber and titanium bridges for strength and lightweight feel. It also comes with a shockproof rubber chassis inspired by TAG Heuer’s penchant for fast cars.

TAG mentions that the phone will come with a high speed processor and the latest Android software, but no actual details have been disclosed yet. Of course, we’re hoping for a quad-core ICS device. The Racer should be available in July for the bargain price of $3,700 (2800€) at watch, jewelry, and luxury mobile boutiques. I’ll take two, please. Oh, and that’s the starting price for phones in the Racer collection.

Check out the video of this bad boy after the break.

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