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In this section, we are aiming to create the largest database of twitter tools available on the net. Feel free to recommend any tools you have created or tools that you use frequently in the comment area below.

So without further ado. Here is the largest twitter tools list in the universe! (in no particular order!!)

  1. – calculates and compares the volume of mentions of a particular word or phrase. Very handy to compare brand names. Ex. Yahoo Vs Google
  2. – shows you a nice nifty graph of your follower growth, plus you can compare twitter-er A vs twitter-er B
  3. – this is one of the tools I personally use frequently. It allows you to see a follower growth chart, and also show the top followers per location. – so you can actually find out the top twitterer in your city/region/country!
  4. – Great tool to help organize your @replies and direct messages. It also shows the last 200 Tweets by your followers and you can, with the help of a handy over picture box, reply, direct message, retweet, favorite, mark as read, and a few more choices.
  5. – Similar to both TweetDeck and Twhirl.
  6. – If your looking for relevant followers let Mr Tweet find them for you. It’s a great way to expand your Twitter network. You can keep track of basic stats for yourself, review people following you that you are not following, and discover people to follow as recommended by MrTweet.
  7. – The Yellow Pages for Twitter. It helps you find people to follow using categories and a really great map feature called TwellowHood, which will allow you to search a map to find people by location.
  8. – Put a Twitter client in your Firefox sidebar.
  9. – Mac/PC Client allows users to upload and share files and photos.
  10. – A great way to share pictures on Twitter.
  11. – Need to know when someone stops following you? Qwitter will email you to let you know who stopped following you.
  12. – Create an add to Twitter button with your name on it (like the one I use). You can choose from three different styles and multiple sizes.
  13. – A service similar to PayPal that allows you to send or recieve money using Twitter.
  14. – Need to be reminded of something? Follow Timer on Twitter, send a direct message of what you need to be reminded of at amount of time.
  15. – A plugin for WordPress that will display your Tweets on the sidebar of your blog.
  16. – It sends a Twitter Update when you post something new on your WordPress blog.
  17. We are not even close to finish this list… More to come soon!

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