The most flexible WordPress theme – WP Unlimited

Let’s face it; most of the WordPress themes are great, they look great, lots of neat options, great layouts etc… however, with most of them, there’s not really a chance for you to experiment with different styles, layouts and colours. You will be just stuck with one basic look, and no room to modify and change the appearance of the blog.

The requirement for such a theme arose a few months ago, and I went on Google to research about a great, flexible theme. I saw that 2 of the most popular themes when it comes to flexibility and ease of use were Thesis and WPUnlimited.

After some further research, I concluded that I should just go ahead and buy Thesis. And so I did… After installation, unfortunately I concluded that this theme is a serious pain. There are loads of options and changes you can apply to the theme, however it did lack a lot of design features and since I’m not a ciding guy, I found this theme quite difficult to use.

I decided to scrap it (and waste some money) and I went to buy WPUnlimited. I was immediately struck by the ease of use of this template. WPUnlimited is a theme like no other. With advanced features like Easy SEO optimization, AdSense integration, and complete theme Customization.

With WPUnlimited all you have to do is install the theme and begin customizing it to your heart’s content through the WordPress control panel. You can customize the entire look and feel of your site with NO CODING or Advanced knowledge of CSS, SEO, or PHP.  It provided me with a great level of customisation, never seen before in a wordpress theme.

With a few simple clicks you’ll have a completely unique site designed exactly to your specifications. You specify the colors, typography, site layout (choose between 1, 2, and 3 column layouts), and even the content width!

Once you’ve created the perfect layout and started putting content on your site, you can use our revolutionary Adsense Generator to insert custom designed Google Adsense Ads into virtually any part of your theme without ever having to look at a single line of code.

Creating a high quality professional WordPress site has NEVER been this easy! Unfortunately it’s free, but trust me, its well worth it! Click here to go to the WPUnlimited website.

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