The web is….. BIG… very.. BIG!!!!

On the Google Blog there is a post, that was submitted on the 25th of July… This post records a milestone for Google that they estimate that they have 1 trillion unique URL’s indexed!!

This is totally amazing, the web has grown so much… and it’s growing bigger everyday. Whilst its kinda obvious that most small and large businesses are investing on a better internet marketing, websites etc… I can definately attribute one other reason that the web had this exponential growth – i.e. BLOGS!

You can find blogs on anything imaginable and it gives everyone an easy to use platform to voice out his comments, ideas, things a person likes, news, fun stuff etc…

Whilst I have my doubt how much of the stuff you can find on the web is actually usable and interesting stuff… I think that this is actually a nice thing that people are using the internet more and are understanding it’s importance.

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