Time Lapse videos with Lapse It

Many users are not lucky enough to own a Samsung Galaxy Nexus just yet, though. One of the best features in Google’s newest OS version happens to be time lapse video recording. And if you have been dying to make your time lapse videos, the new app, Lapse It, will be able to give you your fix.

The application is simple to use, and offers some great functionality for all the time lapse shooters out there. Not only can the user take time lapse shots, but the app includes some basic editing capabilities. One can trim the video and add music, as well as some cool effects.

There are both a free and pro version. The former lacking certain capabilities; like HD shooting (up to 720p), the ability to use the front-facing camera and access to soundtracks. So if you aren’t happy with 240p resolution, the best option is to purchase the Pro version, which goes for $1.99 on the Android Market.

Check out the Android Market for more details, or go directly to the official website. Lapse away!

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