Toshiba Introduces Dual-Touch-Screen Windows Mini-Notebook PC ‘Libretto W100’

Toshiba, today announced the introduction of the world’s first dual-touch-screen Windows mini-notebook PC “Libretto W100”.

The Libretto (W100) is the world’s first dual-touch-screen laptop running Microsoft Windows 7 that offers the consumer an enriched ultra-mobile computing experience. The Libretto W100 showcases Toshiba’s engineering skill and ingenuity, creating a unique pocket-sized companion that can be used to create and consume any content.

The Libretto W100 with its two 17.8cm (7 inch) touch-sensitive screens is targeted at prosumers who want to be at the forefront of creative mobile computing and want to enjoy state-of-the art web and computing applications refined by a unique user interface. The Libretto W100 takes user interaction to a new level, offering a distinctive and intuitive method of conceiving and capturing ideas.

The Libretto W100 can mimic both ‘traditional media’, opening like a book, or ‘high-tech’ media, like lifting the lid of a laptop. That means users could hold the Libretto W100 vertically to read the double-page spread of a newspaper, or could hold it horizontally, reading a document on the upper screen, while using the lower screen to capture clippings and ideas. The lower screen can also display a virtual keyboard, enabling the device to function in the same way as a laptop. The user can easily drag and drop content, files or icons from one screen to another with a simple sweep of the finger.

Lighter and smaller than even a netbook, people will carry the Libretto W100 with them nearly everywhere. With its attractive casing, the smart Libretto W100 is discreet and aesthetically pleasing, and will appeal to creative, stylish people. Its wireless connectivity can provide convenient web access on the move to surf the web, to read and type e-mails or messages, to stay in contact with friends on social networks, download newspapers and watch videos.

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